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Saint Petersburg is a surprise

Saint Petersburg is a surprise Surprise is one of the most necessary emotional experiences for all people. Rather, it is increasingly difficult to surprise him in a pleasant way. And unpleasant surprises, of course, we all strive and learn to avoid. Life experience helps in the second process, but completely destroys the first, the most desirable person.

What to do: life goes on, but I want to be surprised more and more. A person desperately begins to spend the earned capital on surprise catalysts, but often such spending is idle. But a wise person with life experience will first study all the options available to him and only then make a decision, stopping at St. Petersburg. And this will be his first significant and competent step on the way to surprise.

After all, St. Petersburg itself is one of the greatest surprises on earth. The city is exceptional in everything. It was created not because of, but in spite of. And it is one of the best and most beautiful in the world. Young people, middle-aged people, the elderly-everyone wants to see with their own eyes this splendor of a masterpiece city created over several centuries. Every tourist knows that St. Petersburg is an inexhaustible source of cultural and historical impressions and positive surprises.

A trip to St. Petersburg is an opportunity to draw the most amazing and rare impressions with "bowls and plates", stock up on them for a year and come back for them again. This is a much-needed emotional and cultural boost for everyone. It helps to believe in the best, live more cheerfully and cheerfully. There is nothing more beautiful than your own singing soul, than the dawn and beauty of the Petersburg world. In the Northern capital, in any weather, in any condition, there is its own unique slightly broken aesthetics, so understandable to the Russian person. This is not about pathos and flashy splendor, not about a proud statement without the ability to object. Walking and st petersburg shore excursions in St. Petersburg-especially with competent and loving st petersburg tour companies it possible to feel something native against the background of all the surrounding splendor, so close to every Russian soul is the combination of pride, perseverance, firmness, impetuosity and determination with fears, doubts and reverence for something even greater than the will of man.

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