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Cozy mini-hotels in St. Petersburg open their doors

Cozy mini-hotels in St. Petersburg open their doors St. Petersburg, the brilliant northern capital of our country, is loved and visited by tourists all year round. Magnificent architecture, many historical monuments and museums, famous theaters and fashionable shops, mesmerizing views of the city and "white nights" are consistently high interest and annually attract tourists from different countries, including those with children and passengers of cruise excursion st petersburg russia. It is natural that guests of Northern Palmyra are interested in the question of comfortable accommodation during a private tours in st petersburg or business trip.

There are plenty of hotel services in St. Petersburg, but how to choose an inexpensive but worthy option? After all, staying in a hotel in the city center, in close proximity to the main sights of St. Petersburg, will cost a tidy sum ... Perhaps the most reasonable step would be to opt for small hotels. Cozy mini-hotels in St. Petersburg today can offer a high level of service, many additional services, and the prices for accommodation in them are much lower than in large hotels. As a rule, the number of rooms in such hotels is small, 20-30 rooms, among which there are economy class rooms, luxury rooms, and family rooms. Moreover, such hotels are well-staffed. For the guests, this means attentiveness on the part of the staff, a decent level of service, because mini-hotels value each client and care about their reputation no less than the famous "star" hotels.

In an effort to attract customers, mini-hotels offer various additional services and innovations: meals included in the price of accommodation, guarded parking, safe, Internet, fax and international calls, laundry services, offer rooms stylized as historical eras, and so on. Of course, the more services a mini-hotel has in its arsenal, the more expensive the room rates are. But both unpretentious and discerning tourists are guaranteed to find in St. Petersburg exactly the option that suits him completely. In addition, many Petersburg guides cooperate with mini-hotels, offering their guests sightseeing tours of the city, private excursions to the Hermitage, excursions to the palaces of St. Petersburg.

When planning a vacation in St. Petersburg, it is necessary to remember that during the "white nights" the city is experiencing an influx of tourists, hotels are full, and prices for accommodation increase more than 1.5 times. Therefore, a forced, but the only sure way to ensure yourself a comfortable stay during this period may be early booking. Note that you can book a hotel in St. Petersburg by phone, simply by calling the reception from a city or mobile device. Many hotels that have their own sites on the Internet offer to book a room online, which is very convenient for customers.

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